Are your images missing a little something? Introducing LUXVISION Leica presets, the preset pack for Lightroom that will make your Leica images outstanding in just one click.

Even if you use Leicas, some of the best cameras in the world, your images will end up looking bland. That’s just the way it goes as cameras are made to shoot as close to life as possible. While that might give you realistic looking images, they almost always never have that WOW factor.

Enter LUXVISION, Lightroom presets developed specifically for Leica cameras and their particular way of rendering. Unique, expertly crafted they are designed to make the most of your Leica images and elevate them to outstanding photographs.

Luxvision Leica Presets

luxvision leica presets

What’s inside:

✅ 15 Presets designed for Leica cameras
✅ Leica glow preset
✅ M9 CCD Look preset
✅ Color & Black and white presets
✅ Simple installation
✅ & More

📷 Get the Leica M9 Look with one click

Ah the M9, probably one of the most beloved older Leica rangefinder cameras ever. Why? Because it had a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to it that the other newer cameras simply couldn’t match. At least in terms of out of camera images. Now with these Leica M presets you can finally get the Leica M9 look with one click. Check out the before and after:

Leica M9 look

This preset was meticulously made by looking at images from CCD sensors and CMOS sensors and tweaked until the images were interchangeable. If your images lack a little push, this might just do the trick.

Get the Leica glow on any image

Certain images coming out of Ms and other cameras have the Leica look to them. The simplest way to put it is that the images simply pop out of the frame. But let’s face it, sometimes it just isn’t this way all of the time, many images lack that little OOMPH that would make the images have that mythical Leica glow.

Not anymore. Finally here’s a Leica preset that simulates the myhtical glow on any image. See for yourself in the before and after:

leica glow preset

The one on the complete right mixes the M9+Leica glow for the ultimate 1-2 punch to take your photos to stunning.

🖼️ Leica color presets

leica color preset

This preset pack comes with Leica color presets. Yes there’s presets that make your images punchy but where’s the fun in making color images that look bland? Enter the alternative color Leica presets. These expertly change your colors in subtle ways so that your photographs end up having a certain look to them.

🎞️ Leica black and white presets

leica black white preset

The Leica presets come with multiple black and white presets that will take the boring, out of camera monochromes and transform them into galvanizing, outstanding black and whites that impress. Rich, tonal black and whites is now as easy as a click. Also part of this pack is the film process presets where the images will look like they are shot with Film cameras. 

📸 Leica street photography presets

leica street photography preset

Because street photography is different than any other genres and is full of grit, the Leica presets come with alternative “street photography” versions so that you get the punchiest, grittiest, most in your face street photography with just a single step.

Get this now

Ready to take your images to the next level? Click below to get LUXVISION Leica presets for Lightroom. You will be asked to check out and will be taken to the downloads page. Included is a PDF manual for step-by-step installation and customization.

luxvision leica presets
Instant Download

LUXVISION will elevate your images for only $47, you will get instant access to it trough our secure checkout system.

leica presets look book

These presets have been developed specifically for the Leica M10, Leica Q2 and other largen sensor cameras Like the Leica CL. As long as you shoot large sensor Leicas, and preferably in raw this is for you.

So if you searched for Leica M8 LR presets, Leica CL LR presets, Leica M240 LR presets, this Leica Lightroom preset pack will upgrade your images. Finally the amount of steps needed for your import process is now just 1: Click and be done, process don!

These Leica presets for Lightroom are compatible with Lightroom 5 and up. If you have Lightroom creative cloud, this is compatible with it.

YES! If you do not like LUXVISION for any reason, simply click on “ask for a refund” on the system and we will process your refund promptly. You have a full 60 days to enjoy it before asking for a refund

📷 Shoot outstanding photographs

If you have a Leica and are ready to shoot incredible looking black and white or color images, get LUXVISION presets now, load your images and go trough the look book. You will be surprised how much some of your photos look after the presets have been applied! Click here to get this now.

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