Looking for Leica camera serial numbers? You are in the right place here’s a sortable, searchable list of 1707 Leica cameras and their serial numbers.

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Why you need to know your Leica camera serial numbers

Your Leica camera serial number is like the birth certificate of your camera. You can immediately know what year it was made in and also spot any issues if need be. If someone is trying to sell you an M6 and you see in the Leica camera list database that it’s supposed to be an M4, you know there’s a problem. If you are a collector, some serial numbers due to provenance and history are rarer than others.

Plus, if need be you can report the serial number as stolen and if it ever pops up it may fin it’s way back to you. You can also search the Leica serial number lookup tool.

Leica serial numbers database

Here’s the database list of Leica camera serial numbers below. Due to overlap the lenses are here: Leica lens serial numbers.

The database of Leica cameras is set to display 100 per page in order not to overload the memory of your browser. If your device can handle it, just click on “Show > View all” and it will show all of the Leica camera serial numbers available.

Leica Camera Serial Numbers

wdt_ID Serial number from To Name Year Total
Serial number from To Name Year Total

Leica serial numbers by year

If your are looking for a specific Leica serial number year, at the bottom input the year that you want to look for, the database will list the available Leicas. Here for example is the Leica year 1955:

leica serial number year

Leica M Serial numbers

What if you want to check for something specific like the Leica M3 serial numbers? Input the M name you are searching for in the “name” area and the database will list available cameras like the M3:

leica serial number m3

Leica R serial numbers

Just like the M serial numbers, if you are looking for Leica R serial numbers, put in the camera you want in the “name” field and the database will list all of the available R cameras. Like so:

leica r serial numbers

How to download PDF and CSV (or print)

If you are a collector or simply need to download this Leica camera compendium in PDF, click on the top area and export either in PDF or CSV/Excel so that you can track your own records.

leica serial number pdf

You can also print. Please be aware that it will only export the current view, so if you search for M3 for example, it will only show the M3s and be limited to 100 records. If you want it to show all records click on Show>All and then export or print

Leica lens serial numbers

If you are looking for the Leica LENS serial numbers, click here.


I hope you have enjoyed the list of Leica camera serial numbers, it’s one of the perks of owning a Leica, the German company has kept records of their cameras making it easy to lookup when their camera was made.

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