Are you looking for a database or list of Leica lens serial numbers? You are in the right place, here’s a list of 2626 lenses made by Leica and their corresponding serial numbers.

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Why you need to know your Leica lens serial numbers

Your birth certificate is, well the record of your birth. In the same way each Leica lens has it’s birth certificate within it’s serial number. With a serial number you can not only know when the lens was made, you can also check for potential issues, like if someone is trying to pass off a Summicron for a Summilux for example. You can also search your lens in the Leica serial number lookup tool.

Leica lens serial numbers database

Here’s the database list of Leica lens serial numbers below. This is only for lenses, if you are looking for bodies, it’s here: Leica camera serial numbers.

The database of Leica lens serial numbers will only show 100 records at a time, unless you click on Show>All. But be warned this could crash your browser are there are thousands of records available.

Leica Lens Serial Numbers

wdt_ID Serial number from To Lens Family Aperture Focal Length Date Amount
Serial number from To Lens Family Aperture Focal Length Date Amount

Summicron 28mm 35mm 50mm serial numbers

If you are looking for the serial numbers of a particular Leica lens, like the Summicron 35mm serial numbers, here’s how to do it. Under family, put in “Summicron” and under focal length put in the focal length desired like “35mm”. The family name and focal length will give you the list of available Leica lenses in the database like so:

leica summicron 35mm serial numbers
There are 131 records for Leica Summicron 35mm serial numbers

Elmarit 28mm serial numbers & others

You are not limited the the ‘Crons, you can also put in Summilux, Elmar, Elmarit. If you want to search for Elmarit 28mm serial numbers for example, simply put “Elmarit” Under lens family and then “28” in the focal length search area and it will give you the available serial numbers.

elmarit 28mm serial numbers
There are 80 available Elmarit 28mm serial numbers available in the database

You will have to remember that Leica uses the same naming convention for their lenses across their cameras. So if you want ONLY M lenses, you will need to add -M or -R is you want the R versions. So Elmarit-M and Elmarit-R would be your search terms.

How to download PDF and CSV (or print)

I have allowed for the possibility of printing, and exporting in PDF, CSV and excel format. This is great to keep your own records. Simply click on these icons in the above Leica lens database to export.

leica serial number pdf

Please know that it will only export the current view. If there are 30 cameras in view, only 30 cameras will be exported. If your lens selection has more than 100 entries, please click on Show>All and then export so that it exports every record.

Leica camera serial numbers

If you are looking for the Leica CAMERA serial numbers, click here.


I hope you enjoyed this list of 2626 Leica lens serial numbers. Once of the best parts of owning Leicas is knowing that you can trace their history back decades because Leica has always been careful to keep track of their lens production.

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