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Welcome to Red Dot Camera, as you can guess this is a Leica fansite made by a dedicated fan. I have been addicted to them ever since my father had an old one that I think was a Leica III Rangefinder. It’s been a long way since then and now I write and talk about the german company’s cameras and Lenses.

Why Leica?

Leica is VERY unique in the camera world and this is why this site exists. In a world where manufacturers just pile on the features, Leica goes the other way and simplifies everything. There’s only 3 things you really need to shoot: Aperture, shutter speed and ISO and Leica rarely gives you more then these core needs.

The results are cameras that are about the images themselves, about photography and not about the gear. There is a simplicity, a zen in the moment feeling that you can only get with Leica and no other cameras on earth.

These are not the cheapest cameras and lenses of the bunch, that is why there is also focus on Leica alternatives as there are some really good ones out there that can satisfy the itch that Leica fans have.

Plus Leica makes some of the best looking gear on earth. It is very hard to resist the rangefinder look and it all originally comes from Leica, every other manufacturer copied from the original one.

Leica cameras

Leicas makes some of the best and most beautiful cameras in the word,
check out below for our guides, best of list and reviews.

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Leica Lenses

Leica makes some of the best lenses in the world for almost a century.
There’s a lot to go trough, make sure to start with the guide first.

leica lens illustration
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Best Leica SL Lenses
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Leica Alternatives

If Leica is not for you or you want to use non native lenses or bodies,
these guides are for you

Digital rangefinders besides Leica
Non Leica M mount camera
Best Full Frame Leica alternatives

One of the best reasons to get Leica is the accessories. Why? Because you do not buy a camera, you buy a system and Leica supports their gear with accessories galore. Specific handgrips and thumb supports are a must and Leica has it all.

Leica Accessories

Leica makes some of the best lenses in the world for almost a century.
There’s a lot to go trough, make sure to start with the guide first.

leica accessories illustration
Best Leica accessories
Leica handgrips
Leica thumb supports
Leica soft releases
Leica viewfinders
Leica flashes
Leica camera bags
Leica lens hoods
Leica filter size database
Leica batteries database
Leica battery charger database


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In a hurry? Leica Q2: The best overall

Would you like to know the number one recommendation in most of our articles? There’s no doubt about it, it is the Leica Q2. It is a full-frame camera, and has a razor sharp 28mm f1.7 lens and a simply gorgeous screen and viewfinder.

It’s like having the best Leica body with the best Leica lens, that’s the Q2 for you. While it is a fixed lens camera (no zoom), with it’s jaw-dropping 47 megapixel and full frame sensor, the digital zoom makes it capable of beating other cameras at 75mm. Plus it’s weather sealed so it’s not afraid of a little rain or dust.

So hands down, the best overall Leica is the Q2. If you want just one camera that you will ever need, it’s probably this one, it’s in most of our recommendation lists. Click below to get it:

Leica q2
The Leica Q2 Camera

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