Are you looking for the appropriate Leica battery charger for your camera? In this complete list, I go trough every Leica model available and show you which one is the correct charger for your specific camera.

Leica battery chargers

The list of the Leica battery chargers, one of the most basic Leica accessories, is below. It has been compiled by me with primarily information from Leica manuals and cross referenced with other sources. While every attempt has been made to be correct, I am offering the list below as-is and make no claim at it’s 100% accuracy.

Leica chargers

wdt_ID Name Charger Battery Part Number Get it
Name Charger Battery Part Number Get it

How to find the Leica battery charger you need

leica battery charger finder2

Look up the list above and locate your camera. It is in alphabetical order so you should find it easily. If you want to search for it, look at the bottom of the list and put in the name of your camera, it will search the database.

Finding if a Leica shares the same charger

leica battery charger finder
5 cameras support the BLI-312 Leica battery charger

If you are looking at getting a new Leica, maybe you want to find out if it supports the same Leica battery charger. Simply look at the bottom of the database and search for the charger name, it will list the other cameras that support the same charger.

Should you trust third party chargers?

As a general rule, only use Leica battery chargers for charging. Because these are regulated and has to go trough many rounds before leaving the factory. Don’t take the risk of losing your battery with the wrong battery charger.

Are all third party manufacturers bad? No, but it’s just not worth the risk. If you must get a charger that is non OEM, Wasabi is the best. And they continue to do chargers for older models that you can’t really find anymore.

What about batteries?

If you are looking for more than just the chargers but also need a battery, you can those here: Leica battery list.

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