Did your camera run out of juice? Or you need backup power? Then you need a Leica battery. There’s more than 56 different Leica battery models so if you are looking for the most basic Leica accessory, you don’t want to order the wrong one. In this useful database you can search and select the right battery for your Leica and find the best price.

Leica battery finder

This database has been put together by me, and while most of them are verified (I don’t own every Leica in the world) I have done my best to actually find the model numbers from Leica manuals. For the older models like D-Lux1, I’ve crossed reference multiple sources. In any case, I am offering this as-is and make no claim that it is 100% accurate.

Unknown Leica battery part numbers are 0. For the few cameras that I cannot find the battery, they are marked NA (Not available).

Leica Batteries

wdt_ID Name Battery Battery Part Number Get it
Name Battery Battery Part Number Get it

A warning about Leica batteries

As a warning, only buy Leica branded batteries. Leica holds their battery makers to high standards so you are getting a secure battery. Aftermarket and third party makers, not so much. Not all of them are bad, it’s just that you never really know what you are getting both in terms of power and quality, and as a policy it’s best to use the batteries from the brands themselves.

How to search for your Leica Battery

leica battery finder
You can find what you need by putting in the name of the camera

All you need is the name of your camera, since the Leica battery list above is in alphabetical order you can simply look at the first letters of your camera model. Otherwise you can always look at the bottom of the table and search your model there.

Leicas that use the same battery

leica same battery
6 cameras use the BP-DC12 Leica battery

Sometimes you might find yourself full of batteries and wonder is there’s other Leica cameras that support it. In this case look for your camera model and note the battery name. Once you have it, go at the bottom of the table and search for that name, you will get the compatible other cameras.

What about chargers?

If you not only need another battery as backup or because it has been fully drained, but also another charger, you need to go to the list of Leica battery chargers.

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