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What is a Leica?

What is special about Leica cameras?

There are 3 things that make Leica cameras special, above and beyond other brands like Nikon or Canon. First the cameras are all hand made. That means no factories with robots, it’s all humans who do it. Second, everything from the cameras to the lenses are of the highest quality. They are some of the sharpest and sought after in the world. And lastly they have huge longevity. A Leica camera is sturdy and can last years before it’s ever outdated.

Why are Leicas so expensive? Are they worth it?

What makes Leicas special is what makes them so expensive: They are hand produced, so they can only make a handful at a time. Not only this Leicas have a notorious shelf life and are of the highest quality. For more information check out Why are Leicas so expensive?

Where to buy one?

Whatever you do, do not buy a Leica from individuals on ebay. Leicas are pricey (but worthwhile) cameras. If you do not get yours from a dealer you could be very well get scammed and have a huge hole in your pocket. Only get your Leica gear from reputed dealers like my recommendation, BH photo & Video.

Since Leicas have lot of market value even years after they retire, you can also get great deal on used Leicas.

How to afford a Leica?

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Leica cameras

Leica has multiple camera models on top of retired older cameras. In order to make everything clear you will want to check out the Leica camera models explained article. Here’s an overview of the models you need to be aware of.

Leica Compact cameras

Check out the best Leica compact cameras. You can also read the smallest Leicas in terms of size

Leica M series

What most people have in mind when they say “Leica” is the Leica M camera. One of the most iconic camera lines in history. They are a series of manual digital rangefinder cameras that were previously film cameras.

The previous model is the Leica M10. There’s a few variations of it so make sure to check out the Leica M10 versions guide.

The current model is Leica M11

Leica CL

A sort of little brother to the Leica M, with automatic focus, APSC sensor and keeps a classic look. Much cheaper than the M series.

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Leica T

This is the brother to the Leica CL above. They have the same mount but this one is more touch-oriented than the CL.

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Leica SL series

This is Leica’s DSLR series of camera. To add confusion, the S series has the same mount of the T and CL but they are different because the T lenses have a crop factor.

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Which Leica camera should I buy?

The perfect Leica depends on the needs that you have. The best overall Leica that tops most of the articles on this site is the Leica Q2 because it takes everything that is wonderful with the M series and puts it into a convenient and affordable package.

Here’s some help getting your Leica:

How about if you want to look outside of the Leica world? There’s not a lot of alternative because Leica is pretty unique, but you can find some here: Alternatives to Leica

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