Looking for Leica posters? Here’s a selection of 10 that will warm up your inner Leica soul. All of the available posters below are directly inspired by the history of Leica (like recreation of posters, manuals and more) and make for the perfect gift.

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All of the Leica posters below are UNOFFICIAL and are no way affiliated with Leica. These are fandom posters and ALL of them have been recreated by hand, just like the Leica Ms are in normal life.

You can get your Leica poster shipped anywhere in the USA & worldwide. All of the posters on this page are for illustrative purposes only. You can find more unoffical fan products here.

10 Stunning Leica posters

With that being said here’s a selection of really stunning posters you can get and decorate any bedroom, living room, collection room & more. A lot of the posters are Leica cutaways, meaning they show the insides of the cameras, another term for those is Leica Schnittmodell (Schnittmodell is cutaway in German).

Schnittmodell Leicas have been used mostly as marketing materials in order to show the craftsmanship of the camera. A customer would walk in and see the model and be impressed at the machinery. While these are rare, they make for particularly stunning and intrinsic posters that will liven any room.

1. Leica M6 Cutaway (Schnittmodell)

A stunning, detailed Leica Poster of an M6 brochure

Leica Poster M6 cutaway color
Colored version
Leica Posters M6 cutaway
Leica M6 cutaway black and white version

The Leica M6 is probably the most beloved Leica M film camera ever. This poster showcases a Leica M6 cutaway originally found in a brochure. Highly stylized in black and white, this is quite a stunner and highly detailed.

You can even see the framelines in the top left area, the electronic lines for the lightmeter, and even the button batteries. This is one of the most detailed and intrinsic posters you will find and will please any Leica fan.

Comes in black or white background, or colored version.

Leica poster mockup 1
Leica posters are great for any bedroom
Leica poster mockup 4
Alternative background version

2. Leica M2 Cutaway (Schnittmodell)

Faithfully recrates an iconic Leica Poster of 1966

Leica poster M2 cutaway 1
Leica M2 poster

Leica had a promotional poster for the M2 in 1966 and this recreates the best part of that poster, a Leica M2 cutaway. Highly detailed and expertly recreated this is sure to please any vintage Leica fan. Comes in multiple colors to match the iconic green, blue and orange design.

Also available is a white background version and a “vintage” background version with a tint reminiscent of old paper.

Leica poster mockup 5
Orange background version
Leica poster mockup 3
Vintage background version

3. Leica M2 Exploded view

A detailed Leica poster of the inner workings of an M2

Leica poster M2 exploded view
Leica M2 exploded view

This stunning Leica poster showcases an exploded view of the Leica M2 rangefinder camera. It is insane how complicated mechanical device is, even tough it is one of the first Leicas! Faithfully recreates a rare Leica M2 repair manual illustration.

Leica poster mockup 2
Leica exploded view poster in action

4. Leica M3 Cutaway sketch (Schnittmodell)

A hand drawn Leica Poster featuring a cutaway of the original M

Leica poster M3 cutaway
Leica M3 cutaway sketch poster

This is a hand-drawn sketch poster that renders a cutaway Leica M3, the first and original M camera. Highly detailed sketch with pen marks, perfect for the home office, or any room that needs a little camera touch.

Leica poster mockup 6

5. Leica III Illustration

Paying homage to one of the earliest rangefinders

leica iii illustration
Leica M3 cutaway sketch poster

Before the M cameras were the Leica LTM rangefinders. This beautiful poster pays homage to the Leica III with a faithful, clean lines recreation.

Leica poster mockup 7

6. Leica M6 Sketch

A beautiful Leica poster featuring a sketch of the M6

Leica poster M6 sketch
Leica poster or a M6 sketch

A closeup sketch in architectural style of a Leica M6. The portrait orientation makes it a perfect fit for tighter spaces.

Leica poster mockup 8
The M6 Leica Poster framed and matted

7. Leica MP Sketch

A Leica poster of the Mechanical Perfection

Leica poster MP sketch
Leica M6 cutaway sketch poster

The pinnacle of Leica film cameras is probably the MP, aka Mechanical perfection, here it is rendered in a beautiful architectural, sketch style in all of its glory. Highly detailed with the original made by hand.

8. Leica M9 Sketch

The iconic camera now a Leica poster

Leica poster M9 sketch
Leica M6 cutaway sketch poster

The M9, one of the most beloved digital Leicas ever has ben hand drawn and rendered in the form of a Leica poster.

9. Leica M10 Sketch

The latest Leica in poster form

Leica poster M10 sketch
Leica M6 cutaway sketch poster

If you have the latest M digital, this Leica poster might be the one for you. Originally hand drawn and very detailed, sketched by an architectural designer, perfect for any room.

10. Leica M8 Top Sketch

A Leica poster featuring the top plate

Leica poster M8 sketch
Leica M6 cutaway sketch poster

The original Leica digital rangefinder has been drawn by an architectural designer and features the most iconic part of the camera, the top plate with the little window on the left. Perfect for M8 fans or Leica fans.

Leica poster mockup 9

Mix and match

Remember that you can always mix and match your Leica posters and make diptychs and even triptychs for an even better effect. See for yourself below:

Leica poster mockup 10


I hope you liked this selection of Leica posters. All of them have been faithfully crafted and recreated by hand, just like most Leicas are. If you want the selection of all posters, click here.

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