Are you looking for Leica soft release buttons? You are in the right place, these are some of the smallest and cheapest accessories you can get that transform the way you shoot. In this article we will see the reasons why you need a soft release, and a database of soft release compatibility.

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Why you need a Leica soft release button

There’s 3 reasons why you would want a soft release button for your Leica, here they are:

1. Allows for customization

leica soft release m6
Leica M6 with non Leica soft release

While all cameras are the same you can make them uniquely yours with some customization, and there’s a LOT of choice when it comes to soft releases. There’s ones with the Leica logo, wooden ones, skulls, with various designs and more. This gives each camera a little more flair and personality and makes it yours.

2. Less stress on your fingers

For some reason most cameras, including Leicas have the shutter release button inside a crevice. Here’s an illustration:

leica shutter release

As you can see, the shutter release button BARELY sticks out of the camera, so when you press it down, your finger hits the side of the ON/OFF button, making it uncomfortable. A soft release fixes this by not having anything around your finger.

3. Reduced shake

But if you want a more ptactical reason, rather then a customization and ergonomic reason for a Leica soft release button, this is it. When you press the shutter release button you emit vibration of the camera’s body.

camera shake
In low light, no soft release increases your chances of a ruined shot

And just like putting a pillow and punching something softens the blow, this too will soften the vibration and allow you to shoot at slower shutter speeds. The vibration dissipates and you can handhold longer.

Soft releases & Compatibility

So no wonder most Leica photographers add a soft release to their camera, whether to make it look better, have a better shooting experience or to reduce shake. This is one of the smallest accessories you can get that make everything better.

leica accessory soft release edited

All a camera needs is a thread on the shutter release button and that’s it.

Unfortunately not ALL of the Leica cameras come with a threaded shutter release, but not all is lost. While the best option is to have a thread to screw the Leica soft release, you can always get a sticky back soft release that has no screw but a sticker in the back instead. See the place for a screw on the camera on the right.

leica threaded shutter release

It is not as sturdy as a threaded soft release and you’ll lose some of that vibration dissipation but it does the job.

Leica soft release compatibility list

Check below for your Leica’s compatibility. If there is a thread mount you can get a threaded soft release, if not the option is a stick back, adhesive soft release.

Please be aware that Leica doesn’t make any of those so they are third party and that some Leicas have curvy shutter releases and might not be compatible with the sticky backs. If you put a sticky back on a shutter release that is curved, it might not stick at all, so make sure for non threaded Leicas that there’s a flat surface to stick the accessory to.

wdt_ID Camera Name Threaded Shutter Release Get it here
Camera Name Threaded Shutter Release Get it here


If hope you have enjoyed this article about Leica soft release buttons. These are essential to have for customization, comfort and reduced camera shake. While the threaded ones are the best, as long as your Leica has a flat shutter release, you can put an adhesive back one.

While the sticky backs are not the best, a soft release is better than none and is one of the smallest accessories you can get to make your Leica even better.

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