Are you looking to protect your lens with a Leica hood? Or maybe you just need a replacement? You’re covered with this list of available Leica hoods. Multiple mount covered.

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Why get a lens hood?

So why get a Leica lens hood in the first place? Glad you asked. A lens hood does two things. First it offers protection, if you hit your lens on a wall, fact it the bulk of the front glass will get the shock. If you have a hood however, the shock dissipates and makes scratches hard because the lens hood creates distance between the shock point and the lens.

Lastly what this does is reduce lens flares and glares. These, unless you want them for artistic purposes can ruin your shots. If you have a Leica M this is even more crucial because unlike a DLSR or Mirrorless camera you have no idea of your shot in the viewfinder.

Leica lens hood list

Leica hoods (WIP)

wdt_ID Name Part number Hood type Get it
Name Part number Hood type Get it

Sort the hoods by mount

Leica has multiple lens mounts, if you want to display only the Leica hoods for that particular mount, look at the bottom of the list and put in your mount: M, SL, TL and S.

Not finding the correct hood?

There’s not a lot of lens hoods because more often then not the lenses come with their hoods. If you are no hoods for your lens, you’ll want to check out Leica lenses filter sizes. It has the sizes of the lens threads so that most likely the hoods for that size will do if they are screw-on.

Remember that some Leica lenses also have buil-in hoods so don’t need one.

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