So you have your Leica Q2 and wondering how you could make it even better? Enter the best Leica Q2 accessories you can find. Here’s you’ll find some of the best accessories for your Leica Q2 camera, all handpicked that will make your great camera even better. Let’s dig right in.

Leica Q2 accessories list

Below are the best Leica Q2 accessories you can get your hands on.

NameAccessory typeGet it here:
1. Leica Q2 HolsterCarry Check Price
2. Oberwerth Q bagCarry Check Price
3. Match Technical Q Lens CapLens Check Price
4. Leica Q2 Thumb RestErgonomic Check Price
5. Leica Q2 Carrying StrapCarry Check Price
6. Leica Q2 HandgripErgonomic Check Price
7. Leica Finger LoopErgonomic Check Price
8. Oberwerth half caseCarry Check Price
9. Leica Q2 protectorCarry Check Price

Let’s get into each of the Leica Q2 accessories and find out what’s so great about them.

1. Leica Q2 Holster

Be the fastest Leica Q2 shooter

Leica Q2 holster
Reasons to buyCons
+ Fastest access to your camera
+ Can put on your side or chest
+ Minimal Leica branding
+ Adjustable belt
+ Allows space for grip
– No impact protection

It’s never fun to carry your camera in your hands at all times so that’s when bags come into play. The problem? That once-in-a-lifetime shot will not wait for you to open your bag flap, pick up your Leica Q2 and then shoot.

The solution is the holster, this beautiful Leica Q2 accessory will allow you to carry it in style and be the fastest shooter. The camera lens makes it securely sit and you can adjust the strap and have it lay in front of your chest or maybe in the back.

This does not offer any sort of protection but what it does is allow you to shoot extremely fast, you’ll be done with your shot while your friends will barely have gotten theirs out of their bag. There is a minimal Leica logo that doesn’t attract too much attention to itself so its perfect for street photography.

There is one strap on top that your can put over the camera so that once you are done shooting you can secure your camera with. This Leica Q2 accessory is from Leica and the reason why that is important is that it is compatible with other accessories.

One of the best Leica Q2 accessories is the Leica Q2 grip and finger loop. You can have both attached and it would still fit in this holster.

2. Oberwerth The Q Bag 

Perfect size for your Q2 and daily accessories

Oberwerth Q Bag
Reasons to buyCons
+ Fits Leica Q2 perfectly
+ Space for other accessories
+ Fits phones and wallets
+ Weather resistant
– None

The best way to carry your Leica Q2 if you want speed is the holster. But there is no real protection going on. So if you are looking for the best way to carry your Leica Q2, it is this. This bag was made for the Q2 so it will carry it in a beautifully red padded interior and also your phone, wallet and other accessories.

Oberwerth Q Bag 2

Made out of leather it is only 8.27 x 6.5 x 4.53 inches so you do not lose the portability factor of the compact camera at all. The two front slaps are secure once fastened, you need to pull them in order to open them. You can keep them unfastened for a spur-of-the-moment photograph here and there and quickly put back your Leica.

The padding is soft and protective and the whole bag is even more weather resistant against water so all of your gear is protected when it starts raining. There is only one main compartment with adjustable divider, however there is a dedicated front pocket for your other items.

3. Match Technical Leica Q Lens cap

No more asking yourself: “Where the heck is that lens cap?”

match technical leica q lens cap
Reasons to buyCons
+Simple & useful
+ Protects your lens from scratches
+ Impossible to lose
– Doesn’t match the Q2′ looks

One big advantage of point and shoot cameras is the fact that they have buil-it lens protection. When the lens retracts it closes. Not so for compact cameras like the Q2. If you find yourself leaving the lens cap at home but still know that you are probably subjecting your lens to damage in your bag, this is for you.

It doesn’t match the beautiful looks of the Q2 but what it does is offer protection to your lens. The lens cap provided with Leica does this too of course but this has a strap, attach it to one of the Q2’s loops and voila, when you need to shoot just remove it and it is impossible to lose as it is attached to the camera.

Not the best looking of the Leica Q2 Accessories but hey, it does what it needs to do.

4. Leica Q2 Thumb rest

One of the smallest Leica Q2 accessories with huge impact

Leica q2 thumb rest
Reasons to buyCons
+ Steadier hands
+ Better camera handling
+ Same Leica quality
– None

If you have a camera, you need a thumbrest. There’s no two ways about it. Is it a necessity? No. But once you have one on, you’ll never want to shoot without one again.

Anyone who has used one will always want one on their cameras so I don’t want to preach to the converted. So if the Leica Q2 is one of your first compact cameras, do yourself a favor and get the Q2 thumbrest. It’s one of those things that make you wonder why they didn’t built this right in the camera from the get go.

It completely transforms the way you shoot and you immediately have a more satisfying grip. A must have when it comes to Leica Q2 Accessories.

5. Leica Q2 Strap

A simple accessory to carry your Q2 in style

Leica q2 carrying strap
Reasons to buyCons
+ Simple
+ Stylish
+ Fits camera well
– No protection

This is a beautiful strap from Leica themselves. There’s a little Leica logo on top of the strap but it’s pretty minimal.

It offers no real protection but it fits the proportion of the Q2 well. The whole strap is made out of leather and looks like one single piece.

There is an adjustable strap to make it comfortable while wearing it. The top of the strap is larger then the strap to dissipate the weight of the camera making this a stylish and comfortable way to carry your mini M. Is it one of the best Leica Q2 Accessories? Not quite but for those who need one it is a necessity.

6. Leica Q2 Handgrip

One of the must have Leica Q2 accessories

leica q2 handgrip
Hands down, one of the must-have Leica Q2 accessories
Reasons to buyCons
+ Makes the camera better
+ More secure feeling
+ Better grip, better accuracy
– Blocks battery/SD card door

No matter how great the Leica Q2 is, we all can admit that it falls a bit flat on the front. Enter this L plate designed to be screwed on the bottom (so no changing the battery while this is on) but offers a front grip. Long story short, this is a must-have Leica Q2 accessories.

Front grips are one of the most important parts that play a huge role in how you FEEL when holding your camera, and this one delivers. It’s made of the same material as the Q2 so it’s pretty seamless.

The grip itself is ribbed so there’s a comfortable grip. Your index finger can rest on top of the grip as it is a bit shorter then the front of the camera. Since this is made by Leica there is compatibility with the Q2 Holster.

If you notice there’s a hole in the grip it’s for one of the best Leica Q2 accessories you can get, the Leica finger loop.

7. Leica Finger Loop

The most secure grip you can find

leica accessory finger loop
Reasons to buyCons
+ Eliminates the need for a strap
+ Does not go in strap loop if you want to use one
+ Leaves index finger free for pressing the shutter release
+ Offers an even more secure grip
– Requires the hand grip

If you are like me and do not like straps, the Leica Hand loop is an amazing accessory for and accessory. I say this because you can’t just screw it on your Q2, you need to have the hand grip on and then add this.

But is it worth it? You bet it is. I don’t like straps because there’s the length of the cords that adds visual bulk. This keeps the Leica neat and tidy and have one amazing grip on your camera. The Q2 feels like it melts in your hands and you never fear to drop it.

On a more practical level this means that having such positive grip leads to you being able to shoot at slower shutters speeds without camera shake. The grip is fine by itself but as a combo, they both make up for the best Leica Q2 Accessories you can get.

8. Oberwerth Q2 Half case

Stylish and protective

Oberwerth Q2 half case
Reasons to buyCons
+ Leather
+ Has battery compartment access
+ Grip in front
– Not full protection

When it comes to Leica Q2 accessories if you want some added protection to your camera itself (vs say put it in a bag) and still want your camera to look stylish, photographers have been using half cases for years. This Oberwerth halfcase was made for the Leica Q2 and made of cow hide.

There is another half case recommended below as one of the best Leica Q2 accessories but this one goes first for two reasons. First it has a front ridge that serves like a nice grip, and second it has an opening on the bottom.

The issue with a lot of cases is that they hide the battery and SD compartment of the camera, not this one. You can have easy access to your images and battery with a little pull, no need to tediously remove the half case every time you need to charge or download your images. That makes it one of the more useful Leica Q2 Accessories in the case department.

9. Leica Q2 Protector

Minimalistic and stylish

leica q2 protector
Reasons to buyCons
+ Minimalistic
+ Ribbed
– No front grip
– No battery / SD card access

This half case if the best one if you want a more toned-down approach to your Leica Q2 accessories. There is unfortunately no front grip but you will still have a nice grip because of the texture of this case. The other bummer is that the base has no opening for the battery and SD card.

In any case what this half case (pun intended) has above function is style. It really fits the Leica Q2 style extremely well and offers some protection.

Leica Q2 Accessories: Conclusion

There you have it, the best 10 Leica Q2 Accessories. To each his own but if you wanted to stack the accessories, I’d first get the grip and then the hand loop. Afterwards the thumb rest. These will transform the Leica Q2 into a camera that feels so comfortable to use you’ll never get back to vanilla Q2. Lastly I would drop it into a holster, or if you would like a bag, the Oberwerth Q2 dedicated one (it’s pretty protective and water resistant). Happy shooting!

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