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The Leica Q2 is one awesome camera, but if you are looking for alternatives, here are 9 Leica Q2 alternatives. Each will be a few paragraphs about the pros and cons and then link to more in depth Leica Q2 comparisons with specs, image samples and more.

What makes great Leica Q2 Alternatives?

In order to find a good Leica Q2 alternatives, we must first ask ourselves what makes the Leica Q2 so great in the first place. Well here’s the points:

  • The Leica Q2 is a compact camera. Not a point and shoot, and not full sized either
  • It has a large full frame sensor
  • It has a fast fixed lens, a Summilux 28mm f1.7

And that is pretty much it. The magic is large sensor, fixed lens but compact camera. Since we are looking for Leica Q2 alternatives, there is only one real, direct alternative from Sony, the rest is the older and Monochrom models. Moving away from either the full frame or fixed lens requirements we have even more offerings. Here’s the list below:

Leica Q2 Alternatives list

AspectLeica Q21. Sony RX1R II2. Leica Q3. Leica Q Monochom4. Ricoh GR III5. Fuji x100v6. Leica CL7. Sony A7R IV8. Sony A7c9. Leica M10R10. Leica SL211. Sigma FP
Camera typeCompactCompactCompactCompactPocketCompactCompact DSLR style RangefinderRangefinderDSLRRangefinder
Sensor sizeFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameAPSCAPSCAPSCFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameFull FrameFull Frame
Lens typeFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedNot fixedNot fixedNot fixedNot fixedNot fixedNot fixed
Lens specs (35mm)28mm f1.735mm f228mm f1.728mm f1.728mm f2.835mm f227mm f2.8ExtraExtraExtraExtraExtra
ArticleLeica Q2Leica Q2 vs RX1R IILeica Q2 vs QLeica Q2 vs Q MonochromLeica Q2 vs Ricoh GR IIILeica Q2 vs x100vLeica Q2 vs Leica CLLeica Q2 vs Sony A7R IVNALeica Q2 vs Leica M10RLeica Q2 vs Leica SL2NA
Where to get it Check Price Check Price Check on ebay Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

If you want the direct comparisons, click on the link that says article for a head to head Leica Q2 comparison against these cameras. Let’s look at each of the Leica Q2 alternatives:

1. Sony RX1R II

The only direct competitor of the Leica Q2 Alternatives

sony rx1r ii camera
The Sony RX1R is on the the best Leica Q2 alternatives
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame, compact, fixed lens
+ Cheaper
+ Sharp and fast Zeiss lens
+ The only camera you need
+ Pop up viewfinder
+ Flip screen
+ Rangefinder type operation
– None

If you are looking at the closest of the Leica Q2 alternatives, it is without a doubt the Sony RX1R II. It ticks the same boxes as the Q2, it is a compact camera that is full frame and has a fast fixed lens. The Sony is both a bit smaller (4.5 x 2.6 x 2.8 vs the Q2’s 5.1 x 3.1 x 3.6 inches) and much cheaper then the Leica making it a very attractive proposition of the Leica Q2 alternatives.

Both offer the same type or rangefinder style body so you have the same feeling shooting both. It’s no slouch either, Sony knew what they were doing when they put a Zeiss lens in there. Zeiss has been a torn in the flesh to Leica for decades an this camera can make some shots that appear to have the mythical “Leica glow” too them where the subject pops out of the background.

The Sony has a retractable flip screen and is better at video (There is a mic jack if that’s what you will use it for) but truly the main point of difference is the lens. The Leica opted for a 28mm f1/7 while the Sony is a 35mm f2.

I personally consider the 35mm the goldilocks of focal lengths because it’s not too wide and not too telephoto. However the Leica Q2 can also do 35mm if you allow the digital zoom. The Sony of course cannot go that wide because the widest is 35mm.

Unless you are an avid 28mm street photographer, the 35mm is better suited for most uses like everyday reportage, portraits and more. The price only makes this an even better proposition. Below are some Sony RX1R II Sample images:

full frame leica alternative 1
full frame leica alternative 2
full frame leica alternative 3
full frame leica alternative 4
full frame leica alternative 5

2. Leica Q (Typ 116)

Lower resolution but pretty much the same

leica q camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Basically the same camera
+ More affordable
– About half the resolution of the Q2
– No weather sealing

When the Q2 was released a lot of photographers asked if the upgrade was worth it. It’s better to get the Q2 with a much (almost half more) higher resolution and weather sealing. But if you don’t mind either of these the original Leica Q is a cheaper Q2.

For all intents and purposes the excellent lens is pretty much the same at 28mm f1.7 and the image quality is excellent. The real drawback with the lower resolution is that the digital zoom only goes to 50mm while the Q2 is 75 mm (but it only gives you a 6.6 megapixel file).

So if you don’t particularly need the digital zoom and really want a 28mm instead of the Sony’s 35mm, this camera fits the bill well. Here’s some Leica Q image samples:

leica q sample image 1
leica q sample image 2
leica q sample image 3
leica q sample image 4
leica q sample image 5
leica q sample image 6
leica q sample image 7
leica q sample image 8
leica q sample image 9
leica q sample image 10
leica q sample image 11

3. Leica Q2 Monochrom

For stunning black and whites

leica q2 monochrom camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Same camera and lens
+ Stealthier
+ Higher sharpness
+ Better ISO
– Black and whites are fixed

When it comes to the Leica Q2 alternatives, it’s pretty unique, that’s why some of the alternatives are from the Q line. This one if practically the same as the Q but dedicated to black and whites because it lacks a color filter.

The body and lens are identical but Leica opted to remove their contrasty red logo giving this camera a more discreet appeal. The lack of color filter renders higher sharpness black and white images (there is no interpolation for the colors) and is better at handling ISO.

However for most control over your monochrome images, a color raw file is recomended, defeating the purpose of this camera in the first place. But if you want a camera dedicated for street photographym this is it.

4. Ricoh GR III

Is that a 28mm in your pocket?

ricoh gr iii camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Large sensor
+ Fits in your pocket
+ Sharp GR Lens
– Not full frame
– Slower lens

Ricoh used to be quite the player in the camera game decades ago but now their focus is on their Ricoh GR line. The GR cameras used to be 35mm cameras with really sharp wide angle lenses. And this is the same, a pocket camera with a sharp 28mm lens.

It’s nowhere near directly comparable to the Leica Q2 because it has a smaller APSC sensor and the lens is slower (2.8 vs Leica’s 1.7). But if what’s compelling you to the Leica Q2 in the first place is the 28mm lens, you will be ecstatic.

Images don’t care if you are prepared to shoot them or not and the Ricoh GR can do something that Leica ca’t fit in your pocket. Absolutely perfect for street photography (There’s a snap focus mode that instantly goes to predefined distance like 1m for hyperfocal focusing) this camera is the one to get if you don’t want the bulk of a camera but still want uncompromised image quality.

ricoh gr iii sample image 1
ricoh gr iii sample image 2
ricoh gr iii sample image 3
ricoh gr iii sample image 4
ricoh gr iii sample image 5
ricoh gr iii sample image 6
ricoh gr iii sample image 7
ricoh gr iii sample image 8

5. Fuji x100v

The best of the Leica Q2 alternatives with a smaller sensor

fuji x100v camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Beautiful camera
+ Unique viewfinder
+ Large sensor
+ Extra lenses possible
+ Cheap compared to the Q
– Can do 28mm, extra accessory needed
– It’s APSC

If you do not mind the smaller sensor, this is one of the best Leica Q2 alternatives. Heck the looks of the Fujis are from old Leicas so there’s serious draw there. The biggest point of difference between this and the Q2 is simply the sensor size and the lens.

Like the Sony RX1R the lens is a fast 35mm f2. But there is more. While the Fuji x100v IS a fixed lens, Fuji also sells high quality adapters that can transform the 35mm into a 28mm or a 50mm. You can potentially get all 3 with a lot to spare instead of the Leica Q2.

So unless you REALLY want a full frame camera, the Fuji x100v is one of the best Leica Q2 alternatives you can get. If you do go for the Fuji, unlike the Q2 that has an electronic viewfinder, Fuji’s is one of the most impressive cameras with viewfinder you can get. It’s both an optical and digital viewfinder that can be changed with a switch.

So ironically it gives you a more Leica-like experience then the Q2 itself with framelines and optical viewfinder.

Fuji x100v sample image 1
Fuji x100v sample image 2
Fuji x100v sample image 3
Fuji x100v sample image 4
Fuji x100v sample image 5
Fuji x100v sample image 6
Fuji x100v sample image 7

6. Leica CL

The mini autofocus M camera

leica cl 18mm
Reasons to buyCons
+ Large Sensor
+ Same processing engine as the Q2
+ Fast and sharp lens
+ Comes with kit lens
+ Interchangeable lenses

Let’s get back to Leica themselves for another round of Leica Q2 alternatives. If you can imagine a Leica M camera, make it smaller sized and with autofocus, you have the Leica CL. It’s so good many shooters prefer this mini M camera to their full sized one.

The biggest point of difference here is the interchangeable nature of the lens and also sthe samllesr sensor, it’s APSC while the Q2 is full frame. The good news is, the CL is sold with a kit lens that is no slouch either.

Usually kit lenses are terrible, throwaway lenses, but in this case the CL comes with a 18mm that makes it a 28mm focal length. It’s a bit slow at 2.8 but you get top notch, Leica quality glass. It is also cheaper then the Q2 making it an attractive proposition especially due to the fact that you can always get more lenses in the future.

Leica cl beginners
Leica cl beginners 2
Leica cl beginners 3

7. Sony A7R IV

For stunning black and white portraits

sony a7r iv camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame
+ High ISO
+ Monster specs
+ Cheap even with lens compared to the Q2
– DSLR Style camera

If what is attracting you most to the Q2 is the full frame aspect, the Sony A7R IV is one of the best full frame cameras you can get your hands on, period. The main drawback for this camera is that the looks are the furthest thing from a Leica, it looks and performs like a DSLR (it’s not, it’s a mirrorless but you get the point). If you can get past this, this is one awesome pick of the Leica Q2 alternatives.

Since this is an interchangeable lens this does not come with a lens. The most recommended one to match the Q2 is the Sony 28mm f2. It is one of the best combos that will make for one of the Leica Q2 alternatives to be reckoned with.

That’s not all. Even if you get both the body and Sony lens, you would still have enough to put back in your pocket or get another lens. The only issue is, the A7 is a love it or hate it DSLR type design that is pretty far from the rangefinder looks of the Q2.

full frame leica alternative sony a7 1
full frame leica alternative sony a7 2
full frame leica alternative sony a7 3
full frame leica alternative sony a7 4
full frame leica alternative sony a7 5
full frame leica alternative sony a7 6

8. Sony A7c

Finally a rangefinder style from Sony

sony a7c camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame
+ Takes what makes the A7 great
+ Rangefinder style body
+ Cheaper then Q2 (Even with lens)
– None

One of the biggest criticisms of the Sony A7 is the fact that it looks and feels like a DSLR. It’s jarring coming from the old Sony Nex that had more of a rangefinder style body to the A7. Now Sony is coming back to form and shoving the guts of an A7 into a NEX style body.

If you get the Sony 28mm f2 lens to make it match the Q2’s 28mm f1.7, it’s still pretty far from the Q2’s asking price, making it an attractive proposition. Does it look like a Leica? Far from it but the handling is not DSLR like and that might be enough for you to take this up as a one of the best Leica Q2 alternatives.

9. Leica M10R

It’s like the Q2 but unleashed

leica m10r
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame
+ What the Q2 is built from
+ Loads of lenses
– Higher budget required

The Leica Q2 is essentially a Leica M10R with a fixed Summilux lens. So if you are looking for an alternative to the Q2, maybe going up is the way to go. Sure you will have to shell out about 3x te price of the Leica Q2 but what you get is one of the best cameras in the world.

Add the real Summilux 28mm f1.4 and you have an even faster kit. Plus you will not be limited to the 28mm, you will have access to the complete world of Leica lenses that span decades. The lenses will be manual only but on the flip side, they last a lifetime and are built like tanks.

Leica m10 portrait
Portrait with the M10
Leica m10 beginners 2
Leica m10 beginners 3
Leica m10 beginners 4

10. Leica SL2

The ultimate DSLR type camera

leica sl2
Reasons to buyCons
+ Some of Leica’s best lenses
+ Best in class ergonomics
+ Weather sealing
– DLSR Looks and handling

There is very little in common between the Leica SL2 and the Q2. But that’s what you get when you look for Leica Q2 alternatives, they open up rabbit holes that you just don’t know where it goes.

Well the common points are full frame sensor and weather sealing. This is far from a compact camera but what you get is some of the most amazing image quality you can get with images that look and feel like medium format.

It’s pretty stunning specially that Leica considers the SL lenses to be their finest. So if you don’t mind losing the compactness, are are used to DSLR this might fit the bill well.

leica sl2 sample image 1
leica sl2 sample image 2
leica sl2 sample image 3
leica sl2 sample image 4

11. Sigma FP

One of the Leica Q2 Alternatives that shoots Leica lenses

sigma fp camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame
+ Amazing Sensor
+ Cheap
– Utilitarian looks
– No built in viewfinder

The Leica SL2 and Sigma FP share the same L mount. So this can shoot the very same lenses the Leica does. The only issue is this is not the looker of a camera, it went for a very utilitarian look but it takes the mythical SL lenses that Leica considered their best.

You could get the Sigma 28mm f1.4 along with this camera body to match the wide angle found in the Q2 and still have lots of change to spare. This is one of the best Leica Q2 alternatives because it’s pretty small tough the lens will add some bulk. If you can get past the looks it’s a great camera to shoot with an a gateway drug to the fantastic SL lenses.

full frame leica alternative sigma fp 1
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 2
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 3
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 4
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 5
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 6
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 7
full frame leica alternative sigma fp 8


There you have it, 11 handpicked Leica Q2 alternatives. The strongest contender is the Sony RX1R because it’s full frame, compact with fixed lens. You can also get the original Q or if you don’t mind the smaller sensor the Fuji x100v can add versatility with the extra wide angle and telephoto lens accessory.

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