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When it comes to Leica alternatives, the usual suspects are usually the Leica Panasonic Equivalents. For good reason, because many think they are the same…or are they? Let’s find out.

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What are the Leicas made by Panasonic?

Part of the Leica Panasonic partnership is that for certain cameras there will be two versions a Leica one and a Panasonic one. Even in the Panasonic versions there are still Leica aspects to them. Take the LX100 II, the Panasonic equivalent of the D-Lux 7 for example, on the barrel it says it is a Leica Summilux. That is because the lenses are Leica designs made to their approval.

That is why the rebadging label that gets slapped on these cameras are a bit unfair. Leica had some part in the camera design from the start and afterwards designed to their liking.

So the Panasonic equivalent sports Leica designed and approved lens, while the Leica version has Leica approved camera design and compatibility with their apps. Both are made by Panasonic because these cameras are mass produced unlike the hand crafted ones.

Leica vs Panasonic Differences

leica panasonic equivalent
Is it more than skin deep? Leica Panasonic alternative

Are Leica Panasonic equivalents the same camera? For the most part they are a rebadge but the main differences between Leica and Panasonic equivalents is the price and cosmetics.


The Leica version usually costs more versus the Pansonic version. On the flipside, the Leicas also hold their values way better.


The cameras usually look different than another. The Leica ones usually take cues from rangefinder designs while the Panasonic versions usually are plain black. These are more than a coat of paint, some designs have a different body shape.


For the most part the software is the same but the Leica versions are compatible with Leica apps while Panasonic has their own. For the cameras without apps, the firmware is mostly the same.

Support and accessories

As a general rule, Leica pushes out their cameras with accessories. The D-lux6 for example had it’s own leather case and also a dedicated grip. This was not the case for the LX7, the Leica Panasonic equivalent.

Which version should you get?

leica d lux camera hand

If budget is an issue then get the Leica Panasonic equivalents. If it is not an issue, get the Leica versions. Not because of brand favoritism, but with respects to Panasonic, the cameras are simply nicer looking and if you ever want to flip them, they hold their value very well.

List of Leica Panasonic equivalents

Below is the list of Leica Panasonic equivalents, you will find out which Panasonic camera is the same as a Leica.

wdt_ID Leica camera Panasonic Equivalent Get it
Leica camera Panasonic Equivalent Get it

The case of the Leica SL2

leica panasonic sl2

What about the Leica SL2, is it just a rebadged Panasonic S1R? No. This is a completely different camera. Due to the specs being similar, they probably share a few parts but all and all the SL2 is a radically different camera. The ergonomics are some of the best in a DSLR type camera, there is top of the line sealing, the rendering makes medium-format like images, etc.

This is pure speculation but Panasonic likely supplies Leica with a camera skeleton and they do the rest. The design of the camera alone shows the Leica craftsmanship at play.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the Leica Panasonic equivalents. Due to a strong partnership both manufacturers create their own versions. While both are produced by Panasonic, Leica has their hands on the lens design from the get-go and they sport the lenses sport the Leica name, so they are a bit more than a rebadge. Whichever version you choose, they are great cameras. Happy shooting.

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