Probably the most loved Summilux lens

Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4

The best all around Summilux

leica summilux 35mm f14 lens
Reasons to buyCons
+ Smallest Summilux
+ Perfect all around focal length
+ Sharp
+ Beautiful Bokeh
– None

The 35mm is the Goldilocks focal length. Not too wide, not too telephoto, no wonder this focal length is the one that most manufacturers chose for their fixed lens cameras. Add to that the Summilux quality and speed and you have one of the best Leica lenses ever made.

Technical data

Here’s the technical fata of this lens


Angle of view (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)63°, 54°, 37°
Number of lenses/groups:9 / 5
Focal length35.6 mm
Position of entrance pupil:16.6 mm
Focusing range0.7m – infinity
ScalesCombined meter/feet graduation
Smallest object field:418 x 626 mm
Largest reproduction ratio:1:17.4
Setting/FunctionManual / Click-stops / half stops
Lowest value16
BayonetM with 6 bit encoding
Lens hoodSeparate, screw-on type
Length46 mm / 58 mm (without / with lens hood)
Largest diameter56 mm
Weight320 g
Leica Summilux 35mm f/1.4

Lens design

There are many floating elements on this lens, grouped in the rear with the aspherical element being about in the center.

leica summilux 35mm f14 design

MTF Charts

Here’s the MTF charts for the 35mm Summilux. The drop is less significant at the 20mm mark than other lenses and the 5.6 aperture is wonderful all around.

leica summilux 35mm f14 mtf

Bokeh tests

Here’s Bokeh test, clockwise: 1.4 and then 2.8 followed by 5.6 and 8

leica summilux 35mm f14 bokeh

Thanks, Adam Singer

Using the Summilux 35mm f/1.4

Since the 35mm is the focal length that is best suited, for like everything, anything you can think of it can especially with the fast 1.4 aperture/

Landscape photography

leica summilux 35mm f14 image sample

A Japanese Countryside in Twilight” (CC BY 2.0) by sanshiro.kubota

You do not need wide angles only to do landscapes. A moderate wide angle like the 35 can do great images without any problem and make more intimate landscapes.

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Street photography

leica summilux 35mm f14 image sample 4

L1003399-1-5” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

The 35 is second only to the 28mm in street photography. With the 1.4 in hand and the short 0.7 meters minimum distance, you can also do beautiful street portraiture. And since this is one of the smallest Summilux lenses you can go on for hours shooting.

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Travel photography

leica summilux 35mm f14 image sample 2

nasu” (CC BY 2.0) by osamukaneko

What’s there not to love with a portable lens that gets out of the way and is incredibly fast? Travel portraits, landscapes and all are yours.

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Portrait photography

While telephoto is preferred for portraits by many photographers, the 35mm Summilux is an excellent lens for portraits and can do anything from environmental portraits to more closeups.

leica summilux 35mm f14 portrait 2
leica summilux 35mm f14 portrait 3
Just Look at that Bokeh
amao09 012(CC BY-SA 2.0)阿毛头 Amaotou [1]
pieter(CC BY 2.0)hoodoo youdo [2]

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