Are you wondering: is Leica M6 still worth it? It’s quite an old camera that fetches a high price, so is it worth it? Let’s find out in this article about the M6.

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The Leica M6 is the follow up to the divisive M5 and the less liked M7. It is highly regarded as a cult camera. Hi, my name is Sven the Leicaphile and in this article we will find out if the Leica M6 is still worth it.

Is the Leica M6 still worth it?

Before getting into the details about if the Leica M6 still worth it or not, let’s talk about price.

Why is the Leica M6 so expensive?

Everyone knows that Leica cameras are expensive in general, but the Leica M6 was released in 1984, why does it fetch such a price? Long story short, the Leica M6 is considered one of the best film cameras of all time, and the best Leica film camera.

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This makes it sought after, and therefore expensive because of supply and demand. That’s only one side of the coin, below are the reason why it is sought after and why the Leica M6 still worth it.

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It’s a tough camera

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and give the reasons why the Leica M6 still worth it.The Leica M6 is made of metal and built to last. Even today you will find M6s that are in pristine condition. The top zinc alloy used on this particular camera is stronger than the brass plates of older models.

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But what makes this a REALLY tough camera is because there’s no electronics inside besides the minimalist light meter. Modern cameras are very complicated and sensors will die.

Electronic components fail. And if just one chip fails, the whole camera fails. The only part of the M6 that requires a battery is the light meter, and you can even do without it.

The M6 is like a book. You have some books in your library that are extremely old. During that time how many tablets and phones have you had?

True freedom

The M6 offers true creative freedom. That battery needed? The Leica M6’s battery will last about 4500 exposures. That is 127 rolls of film. And if you shoot 2 rolls per WEEK the battery will last you a whole year.

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You don’t need to baby it, as it is built with metal. Plus it’s fully mechanical so no reason for you when it starts drizzling.

The apex of simplicity

There’s only 3 things you need to make a photograph: Shutter speed, ISO and aperture. Modern cameras with all of their options is like piloting a spaceship and woe to you if you inadvertently change a setting like burst shot when you need it most.

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You cannot possibly get more simple than the M6. Your film has it’s ISO, the top dial has the shutter speed, you change your aperture on the lens. Shoot, pull the lever. Rinse and repeat. That’s all you need and that simplicity is offered by the M6 and it’s…

Amazing viewfinder

There’s a certain zen that comes with the Leica M6’s viewfinder. It’s bright and beautiful, but overall uncluttered. You know how modern cameras have more stuff on screen than a video game?

With an M6 all you have is your frame lines and on the bottom two simple symbols “><” in order to tell you if the light meter thinks you are over or underexposed.

There is nothing else interfering with your creativity.

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Why the M6 stands above digital Leicas

The M6 is quite a few generations removed from the latest Leicas. Even the M7 isn’t that sough after. So what gives? The biggest reason why the Leica M6 is still worth it is because this is a camera that will never break.

It has no electrical components besides the light meter and doesn’t require charging or batteries to function. It is an all mechanical camera built like a tank. No wonder why so many photographers call their M6, their “forever camera”.

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It is because due to the nature of Leica M cameras and M lenses being mechanical (save the modern ones), there is no fear of a sensor going bad or one component of the circuit being corroded.

Everything can be repaired without any problem because this camera is purely mechanical and the innards will never be outdated.

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The real question: Will film always be around?

Now that we’ve seen why the Leica M6 is still worth it, there’s an another thing to consider. While there is no danger of the M6 breaking apart, it does hinge on one thing: The availability of 35mm film. Film is dying and more and more labs are closing shop day by day…or are they?

While it is true that film labs are closing, you can always develop yourself (coffee can even be used as a developer) and as for film, there’s companies here and there popping our with new ones as many want to experience film again.

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There’s the well known Lomography and others who are constantly shelling out new film. How long they will last is another matter but film has a dedicated fanbase.

Is the Leica M6 still worth it? Conclusion

So in conclusion is the Leica M6 still worth it? It is absolutely worth it if you want to shoot film. There’s a reason why it’s considered one of the best film cameras ever made: It’s the ultimate in build, simplicity and operation. Click here to run a price check

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