One of the best things about Leica is their support for their cameras. Here is the 5 best Leica TL2 accessories you can get right now that will make your camera even better.

Leica TL2 Accessories list

NameAccessory typeGet it here:
1. Leica VisoflexViewfinder Check Price
2. Leica Holster TCarry Check Price
3. Leica protector TLCarry Check Price
4. MT Thumbs Up gripErgonomic Check Price
5. Mophie powerstation MINI USB CBattery Check Price

Now that we’ve seen the overview of the Leica TL2 accessories, let’s check out each of them in detail:

1. Leica Visoflex

The must have of the Leica TL2 accessories

leica accessory
Reasons to buyCons
✔️ Adds EVF
✔️ Adds GPS
✔️ Can flip 90 degrees
🛑 Price

The Leica TL2 is one of Leica’s most underrated gems. Most find fault on it’s lack of viewfinder. The Visoflex fixes that and then some. There is one strength that external viewfinders offer that built-in ones simply can’t: The fact that they can move.

Most viewfinders are fixed, but with this one you can flip the eyepiece 90 degrees and shoot like you would a twin lens reflex, so you would shoot with your head down rather than up. Or keep it on the closed position and you can shoot normally or at any angle in between.

The image is high resolution (2.4 million pixels) and it’s great for fine tuning your focus. If you have other Leica cameras like the M10, you can share this viewfinder between them.

Lastly this viewfinder also comes with GPS included so if you want to know exactly where you shot an image, this puts in the coordinates as you shoot, and is of course optional. The only downside to one of the best Leica TL2 accessories is the price, but it is more than worth it if you want the zen that comes from shooting with a viewfinder.

2. Leica Holster T

The best way to carry your TL2

leica holster tl2
Reasons to buyCons
✔️ Stylish
✔️ Rapid removal
✔️ Security strap
✔️ Wear as holster or in the front
🛑 Not complete protection

If you are looking at the best Leica TL2 accessories in order to find how to carry it, this might just be what you need. On one hand you need to carry your camera while on the other you also need to be able to shoot at a moment’s notice, what do you do?

The solution is this Leica holster. Built for Leica T but compatible with the TL2, this is one of the best ways to carry your camera. It snuggly fits in the u shaped hole while the lens goes out. The only way to remove it is to slide it up.

It’s easy to grab your camera and slip it back so it is perfect for these spur of the moment photographs. Once you are done you can lift the little protective flap so that no one can lift your camera “by accident”. You can wear this like a holster, ala western movie, or you can wear it in the front, with the camera on your chest. Whatever you chose you are ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

3. Leica TL Protector

Carry your TL2 in style

leica tl half case
Reasons to buyCons
✔️ Silver and black pops out
✔️ Protects unibody from scratches
✔️ Ribbed, provides better grip
✔️ No need to remove for battery
✔️ Comes with metal tool in the bottom
🛑 Barebones protection
🛑 No SD access

Let’s move on our list of the Leica TL2 accessories with the protector half case by Leica. Half cases offer marginal protection, but with the unibody of the Leica TL2 it is needed to protect it from the wear and tear of daily life.

Unlike most Leicas the TL2 already has a pretty nice grip but this makes it even better. It wraps around the often slippery metal grip and offers a larger one that is ribbed, so you feel more confident when holding the camera.

With a better grip you have more stability while shooting, allowing you to shoot even slower without moving the camera. You do not need to remove the case for battery access, however everything else like the SD card is hidden.

This is a non issue if you transfer your images by wi-fi, but in any case the accessory is easely removed with a screw. Right under the battery flap, hidden until you open it is the little metal tool. You can use the pin side to easily remove your straps, and you can use the rounded end to remove the screw on the bottom.

If you are looking for something to add flair to your camera and protect it at the same time, this might be one of the Leica TL2 accessories for you.

4. Leica TL2 Thumbrest

One of the smallest Leica TL2 accessories with a huge impact

leica tl2 thumbrest
Reasons to buyCons
✔️ Increases grip
✔️ Stable shooting
✔️ Slower shutter speeds
🛑 Takes over the hotshoe

One of the first Leica TL2 accessories to get is the thumb grip. But this is not on the top spot because of the viewfinder. You’ll need to make a choice on what to put on your camera, either the viewfinder or the thumbgrip.

If you don’t need the viewfinder then the thumbrest is one of the smallest accessories you can get that transform the ergonomics of the camera. The back screen of the TL2 doesn’t really provide somewhere to comfortably rest your thumb so this fixes that and enhances your grip.

With a better grip over the camera you can shoot with a steadier hand making slower shutter speeds possible.

5. Mophie powerstation plus mini

Never run out of battery again

mohpie power station plus mini
Reasons to buyCons
✔️ Large battery pack
✔️ Compact like a phone
✔️ Comes with USB C cable
🛑 Non Leica

One of the best thing about Leica’s APSC shooter is the battery. Well to be more precise, the battery charging process. While you can absolutely charge your batteries like a normal camera, the TL2 allows for charging by USB C cable, and that is quite convenient.

That is why the final consideration for the best Leica TL2 accessories is the Mophie powerstation plus mini. A mouthful for sure, but it is the perfect companion to the CL. It is a huge 4000 mah battery pack (About 4x the juice of a TL2 battery) that is almost the size of a smartphone so won’t take space in any bag, or your pocket and even better: It comes with an integrated USB C cable.

This ensures that you never need to look for or hunt for your USB C cable again, just bring this along and you are good to go. With up to 4x the juice, you will never worry about losing battery when your shots present themselves, making it one of the must have Leica TL2 accessories.


I hope you enjoyed this article about the best Leica TL2 accessories. The one must have is the Visoflex or the TL2 thumbrest. If you are looking to carry your camera in style either the holster or the half case. And just in case, slip the Mophie pack in your pocket so that you never run out of juice while outside. Happy shooting!

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