Wondering is the Leica M7 worth it still? Good question. In this article we will find out what makes this camera worth it or not, with sample images.

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Hi I’ve Sven the Leicaphile and this article will answer the question is the Leica M7 worth it still? If you want the short version, it is a great Leica M6 alternative but you’ll want to know that it isn’t as durable as the 6.

leica m7 camera

Is the Leica M7 worth it still?

leica m7 sample image 1

By default, all Leica cameras are expensive. But why would a film camera released in 2002 be so pricey? Well, first of all…the Leica M6 that has been released 18 years earlier usually fetches a higher price!

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It is still worth a lot of money today because of supply and demand. They are not made anymore and they are sought after as simply awesome film cameras. Why wouldn’t they be? Let’s look at why it’s still worth it today.

The bridge between old and new

leica m7 sample image 3

The M7 is the final Leica M film camera until the Leica M8 ushered the ear of digital rangefinders. Unlike the previous M6, the viewfinder offered more information like the current shutter speed and exposure correction. It could read the DX encoding in film cartridges so you could simply set your ISO to DX and it would read your ISO and select it automatically.

Built like a tank

Like other Leicas, the M7 is built like a tank and that means you will find many in great condition as the all metal body protects the insides of the camera. But unlike the M6, the M7 is more dependent on electronics making it more prone to breakabge compared to it’s older brother that was more mechanical.

leica m7 sample image 4

Aperture priority

This is the biggest reason to get an M7, it has automatic features! Set your ISO and set your shutter speed to Aperture Priority and all you really need to deal with is the Aperture on the lens. The good news is, the Aperture Priority on the M7 is quite excellent making it one of the easiest Leicas to use.

leica m7 sample image 5

Requires battery

But all that automation requires power. Enter the M7’s biggest flaw, it needs a battery in order to function. If the battery runs out you will only have two shutter speeds available: 1/60th and 1/125th. Battery life? Some of the earlier models chewed batteries like no tomorrow but you should get a years worth of shooting, make sure you turn it off when not in use however.

leica m7 sample image 6

The longevity problem

The M7 is a relatively modern film camera. It comes with advantages like and automatic shooting mode, but there’s one glaring issue with this: Things break and electronics components die due to corrosion and other issues. This camera has much more electronic components than the M6 that only relied on electronics for the light meter.

inside Leica m7
Inside Leica M7, notice all of the electronics [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvXGZDhIQ1E]
inside Leica m6
Compared to inside the M6, only for the light meter [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfBiF4IfzBE]

If something breaks, the camera is essentially worthless because you won’t be able to use it besides two shutter speeds. This is a very important consideration if you are looking between the M6 vs M7, the M7 is by nature more fragile unlike the mostly mechanical M6.

leica m7 sample image 7

If you are after something that will last, then the answer to is the Leica M7 worth it, then no.

leica m7 sample image 8

Is the Leica M7 worth it? Conclusion

The Leica M7 is worth it, but the M6 is worth it even more because it’s lack of reliance on electronics make it more future proof then the M7. However the M7 is a much easier camera to use due to the shutter speed being displayed in the viewfinder, along with wonderful and accurate Aperture priority mode. Click here to check for best price

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