The Leica SL2 is one of the finest cameras you can get your hands on. It’s pretty great out of the bag but here are the 5 best Leica SL2 accessories that are a must get.

Best Leica SL2 accessories

NameAccessory typeGet it here:
1. Leica HG-SCL6Handgrip / Battery Check Price
2. Oberwerth Leica SL II Large BagCamera bag Check Price
3. Really Right Stuff Base PlateQuick release Check Price
4. Match Technical EP-SL2 Thumb grip Check Price
5. Leica RC-SCL6Quick Release Check Price

As you can see from the list of the best Leica SL2 accessories, some of the usual suspects in terms of Leica accessories are absent like the grip, because the SL2 already has one of the best in the business built-in. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be even better, see below.

1. Leica HG-SCL6 Multi Function Handgrip

Doubles the battery life, and makes vertical shooting better

leica sl2 handgrip
Reasons to buyCons
+ Doubles the battery life
+ Excellent grip for vertical shots
+ Seamless integration
+ Controls dials
– Bulky
– Needs an extra battery

If you think the Leica SL2 is already too big, look away. If however you want double the battery life with an accessory that is completely seamless, this is one of the best Leica SL accessories by a long shot. Mainly at professionals who need more battery, this double battery grip is made by Leica themselves so when you put it in, it looks like it belongs on the SL2.

You will have to get an extra SL2 Battery, but it’s worth it. When you switch from horizontal from vertical the switch is seamless, the shutter release button is identical and there is even a dial to change your settings on the go.

There’s even the same satisfying grip that made many of us lust about the SL2 in the first place. The biggest issue with this Leica SL2 accessory is the added bulk (It makes it a square camera) and the extra 0.995 LB. But if a big camera was an issue, the SL2 wouldn’t have been your first choice in the first place, right?

2. Oberwerth Leica SL II Large Bag Cow-Hide

A camera bag made for the Leica SL2

Leica sl2 camera bag
Reasons to buyCons
+ Beautiful
+ Made for SL2
+ Weatherproof
– None

Most Leica camera bags are on the small side, not this one designed for the SL2 system and that makes it one of the best Leica SL2 accessories. The bag is large enough for a laptop, one SL2 body and two large lenses. There is also two front pockets for extra accessories.

Leica sl2 camera bag 2

Inside the bag is padded with adjustable padding with a very Leica red. The black and red really makes this look stunning. When on your shoulders the camera is easily gripped and there are extra flaps to protect your gear from flying away.

But that’s not all, this bag is also water resistant so all of your gear is protected in case some rain starts pouring. Not that the SL2 needs it but your other gear or your non-attached lens definitely need protecting.

Lastly this bag is incredibly stylish and looks nothing like a camera bag, you can perfectly use it as a regular bag by removing some of the inserts and have your SL2 always ready for action along with your other gear.

leica sl2 base plate
Reasons to buyCons
+ Rock solid
+ Quick release
– Needs the sling (extra)

his is one of the best Leica SL2 accessories if you don’t want to use a bag. It fits at the bottom of the camera and allows you to put your camera in a sling (separate). That is the non bag way of carrying your camera, but it is of course dangling out.

This is useful if you need your camera at any given time and don’t want to risk putting it in a bag, pulling it and missing the shot. This accessory is only the plate, there are many systems that accommodate this setup, the one above is the Magpul sling.

4. Match Technical EP-SL2 Thumbs Up Grip

The smallest Leica SL2 accessory that ramps up ergonomics

leica sl2 thumb grip
One of the best Leica SL2 accessories fi also the smallest
Reasons to buyCons
+ Simple accessory
+ Added ergonomics
– Takes over the hotshoe

The Leica SL2 is the top dog when it comes to ergonomics. So I’ll spare you the spiel. This thumbgrip is one of the best Leica SL2 accessories you can get that will allow it to reach ergonomic Nirvana. There’s something about thumbgrips that transforms the way a camera feels that is hard to describe if you’ve never used one.

While you won’t be able to use the hotshoe for a flash, what you get is an upgrade in the camera handling and not more accidental pushing of the dial. It’s really an ergonomic upgrade made out of strong metal and looks right a home on the SL2.

5. Leica RC-SCL6 Remote Release Cable

The one to get for long exposures

leica sl2 remote release
Reasons to buyCons
+ Must-have for long exposures
+ No more camera shake
+ Hold function for times exposures
– Only for specific uses

The SL2 is a favorite amongst landscape photographers and if you want to do the same, this is one of the best Leica SL2 accessories you can get. Every time you push your shutter release button, you shake the camera, and in a genre where you want sharpness, this can totally ruin your shot.

This remote is pretty straight forward, just plug it in and the shutter release button is now in your hands other than on the camera. This accessory is crucial if you want to do long shutter speeds or even astrophotography where the tiniest shake means a blurry image.

Sure you could use your phone’s Wifi but for multiple long exposures you are draining your phone’s battery.

This is a very specialized accessory however, unlike most of the above best Leica SL2 accessories, if you do not shoot things that require a tripod, you don’t really need it.


If there is a must-get of the Leica SL2 accessories it would the the quick release plate and thumbgrip. These two simple accessories will transform your camera into an even better one. If you want to carry your SL2 is style, get the Oberwerth bag and if you are a professional, the double battery grip is a must. Lastly is you are into a genre of photography that needs a tripod, the remote release is a necessity.

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