Welcome to the Leica SL2 guide where you can find everything you need to know about the SL2 from specs, to lenses, accessories and more. Let’s dig right in.

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What is the Leica SL2?

leica sl2
Reasons to buyCons
+ Full frame
+ Amazing Sensor
+ Medium format-like Image quality
+ Great dials for control
+ Simplicity of use
+ Wonderful interface
+ Outstanding lenses
+ Great M lens compatibility
+ Very powerful video capabilities
– On the expensive side

The Leica SL2 is Leica’s full frame mirrorless camera. Unlike the M cameras that are have rangefinder bodies, the Leica SL2 features and handles more like a DSLR. It uses autofocus L mount SL lenses. The Lenses for this camera are -according to Leica themselves- some of their very best.

What is the Leica SL2 good for?

The Leica SL2, being autofocus and having telephoto lenses is good for practically all styles of photography. That is why it is recommended as a Leica for travel photography, street photography, portraits and wildlife.


Resolution47 megapixels
In Body StabilizationYes (5-axis)
Weight (without battery)835 grams
MultishotYes (187 megapixels)
ProcessorMaestro III
Max Shutter Speed1/40,000th
EVF Resolution5.76 mp
EVF TypeOLED Electronic viewfinder
LCD Size3.2″
LCD Resolution2.10 mp
Max Frame Rate20 fps
SD UHS II Slots2
USB Connection USB 3.1 Type C
External Power Yes
Video Capability (4K)Cine 4K 60fps
Video Capability (FHD)FullHD 180fps
Video Sensor Area (4K)Full Frame or  S35
Video Sensor Area (FHD)Full Frame or S35 (150/180 – S35)
Internal Video Recording4:2:2 10-bit
Video GammaRec 709, HLG (Rec 2020), L-Log
Audio3.5mm in/out
BluetoothYes, BLE 4.2
Intelligent AF Mode Yes
Long Exposure NR On or Off

Image samples

leica sl2 sample image 1
leica sl2 sample image 2
leica sl2 sample image 3
leica sl2 sample image 4
leica sl2 sample image 5
leica sl2 sample image 6
leica sl2 sample image 7
leica sl2 sample image 8

Is the Leica SL2 Worth it?

The Leica SL2 is not worth it for those looking for spending on specifications. But if you are looking for a unique experience with one of the best camera ergonomics, medium-format-like image quality and a unique lens system, then it is worth every penny.

Best Leica SL2 Lenses

The Leica SL2 is equipped with an L mount, it takes the SL variants (The TL lenses are for APSC sensor cameras).

  • Check out the best Leica SL lenses here.
  • And also best Leica M mount lenses. You will need an adapter but the SL is the best camera other than M rangefinders for M lenses

Leica SL2 accessories

One of the must-have Leica SL2 accessories is the Leica HG-SCL6 grip. It makes vertical shooting even easier, and adds another shutter release and dials for when in the vertical position. It also takes an extra battery so it essentially doubles the battery life of the camera.

Leica SL2 Alternatives

Alternatives to the Leica SL@ need to be DSLR handling and design, Mirrorless and fullframe. Here’s the best contenders:

Leica SL2 vs other cameras

Here’s the comparison vs other manufacturers

Where to buy the Leica SL2?

I recommend buying the Leica SL2 online at BHPHoto and video. They are authorized dealers and very generous in terms of returns.

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