Are you wondering is the Leica X2 worth it in 2020? Good question, let’s answer this in this in depth article that answers this question.

Is the Leica X2 Worth it?

There’s a few questions behind this question, here’s the others being asked:

  • Is it worth the price vs same price for new cameras
  • Do the specs still hold up today?

Let’s answer these with a few points:

Leica x2 camera

1. The camera is old

The X2 was released in 2012, and that makes it nothing short of a dinosaur in terms of digital cameras. Consider that the Leica X2 was released around the time of the iPhone 5 and you can see why asking is the Leica X2 worth it!

So what does age do to a camera? Well, nothing if it’s well built like the X2 is, what happened between those years however is that YOU have changed. In a year where there’s wonderful, beautiful touchscreens everywhere and lightning fast focus…going to the Leica X2 makes it feel a bit vintage.

leica x2 sample image 1

The screen is 200k resolution while most modern screen are 1 to 1.5 million dots in resolution. And also, great advances have been made in terms of autofocus so it’s not like anything in the modern era. Plus the speed of operation is also on the slow side.

Again, the problem really isn’t the camera, it’s that you have been spoiled by the latest and greatest and you’ll probably project modern expectations on older gear. Does that answer is the Leica X2 worth it? No.

Because as long as you keep your expectations in check, this is one of the best older Leica digital cameras that can still kick butt.

2. The specs are still wonderful

Just because a camera is discontinued doesn’t make it any less capable of shooting great images. The Leica X2 has some great specs even in todays world.

It’s a large APSC sensor with a tack sharp Elmarit 24mm f2.8 lens that acts like a 35mm. I consider the 35mm the perfect focal length because it’s wide but no too wide, so it can do all of the photography subjects pretty well.

The 16 megapixels is more than enough for most uses and still allow for some degree of cropping power and still have a usable image.

It is pretty much the only lens you need and it’s built in. At 2.8 the lens is fast and suitable for night photography if there is enough light. Being an APSC sensor the image quality is more than adequate up to ISO3200 (like most APSC sensors) but it as soon as you go over 3200, there’s lots of grain.

This is also where the camera shows the age, noise reduction has come a long way since then. You can always apply the noise reduction afterwards in Lightroom.

The camera is rated at 450 shots which is much better than many modern cameras.

leica x2 sample image 3

3. It’s a real Leica

Leica had a bunch of Leica digital cameras but the X line is special because they are REAL Leicas. There is a difference between Leica partnerships with companies like Panasonic where they put their logo and design over their cameras but the X line, including the Leica X2 is designed from the ground up and built by Leica.

It is also made in Germany, and made of metal so it really has the Leica seal.

4. Rangefinder spirit

Being a real Leica the inspiration is drawn from within the family. While the digital M cameras take after their older film counterparts, the Leica X2 draws from even older Leica cameras like the Leica A.

They cleaned the top plate and kept the body and that’s pretty much the design. So while it doesn’t have a rangefinder, it has the same spirit. It also shoots with M like simplicity.

On top you have your shutter speed dial and the dial traditionally reserved for EV, is now used to change the aperture. In the back you can press a button to change your ISO and there is a dedicated dial for manual focusing.

It has the rangefinder spirit with none of the bulk.

leica x2 sample image 8

5. That is still awesome

If you line up 100 images shot with modern cameras and put in some X2 images in there, you won’t know the difference. So if image quality is what your are after, the that answers if the Leica X2 worth it.

It’s very sharp and the f2.8 coupled with the large APSC sensor makes it capable of some nice Bokeh. While there is no dedicated macro, it can focus close enough at 30cm or about 12 inches. Again, since it’s effectively a 35mm lens, it’s well suited to most genres like street photography and travel photography, and anything in between.

With the 16 megapixels, you can always go in Lightroom and crop until you have an image that is about 50mm and still have plenty of megapixels around to print large.

leica x2 sample image 9

6. Can we talk about the flash?

The Leica X2 is one of the last cameras that have an underrated feature: A flash. Most cameras afterwards crossed this off their camera bodies and if you wanted a little fill flash or do flash street photography, one of the perks of an older camera is that it is built-in.

7. There’s a bunch of accessories for it

Being a Leica in and out, Leica supported it with dedicated accessories that make it even better.

There are a few Leica accessories made for the X2 that make it even better. Ergonomics wise you have the thumb rest and beautiful half cases.

But more importantly you can have a completely different camera in your hands with the Leica viewfinders.

You have the choice between an optical or digital viewfinder. The X2 does not have a built in viewfinder so they attach to the hotshoe and transform the Leica X2 into an even better camera.

Another great accessory is also the grip. Unlike the Sony cameras, the front of Leicas are often barren. The grip really transforms the way you hold the camera and by extension the way you shoot.

leica x2 sample image 4

8. One of the cheapest Leicas you can get

Let’s face it, Leica is not for the faint of the pocket. And the Leica X2 is one of the best deals you can get in terms of Leica land: You have a sharp Leica lens, and large APSC sensor that gives you stunning image quality AND you can get it cheap on ebay.

So if you are thinking of price, this answers the question is the Leica X2 worth it.

9. You can get better BUT…

I’m not going to mince words, you can get better in terms of camera features. That’s just the way it is as cameras came a long way since the Leica X2 came out. However, this is one of the cheapest entry points into Leica cameras AND it’s pretty unique.

There’s nothin like it out there, the metal body puts it a step above all others in that sense. So feature wise there is better, but what you want is a Leica that is actually worth it’s salt, this is one of the best Leica deals you can get.

leica x2 sample image 13

Is the Leica X2 Worth it?

So, is the Leica X2 worth it? A resounding yes if you are looking for a cheap entry point into the world of Leicas. However if what you want is a features list, there are better modern alternatives. That metal body tough, is only part of Leica.

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