Are you looking for the best Leica C-lux accessories? In this article I’ll reveal the 6 best accessories you can get for your camera.

Hi, my name is Sven the Leicaphile, and before going into the list proper, you need to keep your expectations in check. Why? Because the C-lux lacks a hotshoe, many classic accessories like thumbrests are out of the question so we are limited to mostly “carrying” type accessories.

Best Leica C-Lux accessories

NameAccessory typeGet it here:
1. Leica C-Lux Leather CaseCase Check Price
2. Leica C-Lux Leather Protector Half-Case Check Price
3. Leica C-lux strapStrap Check Price
4. Leica C-Lux Leather Vintage CaseCase Check Price
5. Leica Andrea Leather HandbagCase Check Price
6. MegaGear Leather Camera CaseCase Check Price

Let’s look at each of the accessories and see why they deserve a spot on the best Leica C-lux accessories list.

1. Leica C-Lux Leather case

The best of the Leica C-lux accessories

leica c lux leather case
Hands down one of the best Leica C-lux accessories
Reasons to buyCons
+ Stylish
+ Full camera protection
+ Easy camera removal
+ Comes with strap
+ Matching colors
– Only fits one camera

This is the one to get out of all the best Leica C-lux accessories. First of all the bad news, this is fitted only for the C-lux so you won’t be able to carry any other camera with it, but that is also the good news. Because it is only fitted for the Leica, the camera sits snuggly inside and is well protected.

This kind of carrying bag always top our lists of accessories because it completely protects the camera and if you see something you want to shoot it’s easy: Simply lift the magnetic flap and pull the camera. The camera won’t fall because there’s an opening for the lens only so your hands are always guided when you need to remove it.

This case also comes with it’s own strap and has colors to match your C-lux’s like midnight blue. The front proudly adorns Leica’s logo and is a stylish way to carry your camera. No need to search endlessly for your camera in your bag, a simple slip in and slip out makes this the best of the Leica C-lux accessories to get.

2. Leica C-lux protector

The best of the Leica C-lux accessories for simple carry

leica c lux protector case
Reasons to buyCons
+ Stylish
+ Great for everyday carry
+ No shooting lag
+ Matching colors
+ Comes with strap
– Marginal protection
– Must be removed to change battery

Second in our best Leica C-Lux accessories list is the half case. Unlike the first recommendation that offers full protection this is more for a convenient way to carry your camera more than anything. The C-lux will be exposed and while it will protect it against minor scratches it is only marginal protection.

This however enhances the camera style and allows you to have your camera at your neck or side so that you can be ready at a moment’s notice if a photograph appears in front of you. There’s colors to match your C-lux’s color scheme and the strap is included.

The only thing to be aware of is that if you want to have access to your battery or card, you will have to remove the case. This is no issue as the screw on the bottom is easily removed and put back. On the plus side this allso adds a better grip to the camera.

3. Leica C-lux Strap

One of the best Leica C-lux accessories to secure your camera

leica c lux strap
Reasons to buyCons
+ Leica branded
+ Matching color schemes
+ Secures camera
– None

Nothing is worse than being intensely focused on shooting, only to have your camera slip in your hands and crash onto the pavement. Don’t get any heartbreak and get this beautiful Leica strap made for the C-lux.

Made out of leather, it has the Leica logo on it and comes with color schemes that matches your C-Lux. It is also well designed with a larger section to go against the back of your hand. Since this comes with the same color scheme as your camera, this is one stylish way to ensure that your camera never meets the concrete pavement.

4. Leica C-Lux Leather Vintage Case

The most stylish of the Leica C-lux accessories

Leica C Lux Leather Vintage Case
Reasons to buyCons
+ Stunning retro design
+ Concealed strap fastener
+ Unfitted
– Not for everyone

This baby is one of the best looking cases for any Leica. It’s just only for refined tastes and not for everyone. The look is 100% vintage with a glossy leather look and that rectangular design is spot on like decades ago.

The case is unfitted so while it is compatible with the C-lux you might be able to fit other cameras in there, the dimensions are 2 3/4 x 1 7/8 x 4 3/4 inches. It doesn’t have the matching C-lux colors but this is one heck of a stylish way to carry it or other small camera.

But it’s slightly deceptive in a good way. While it seems like one has to unfasten the belt to get the camera (that’s what you want unwanted prying eyes to believe!) right under it is a simple snap buckle. So so it is very convenient to simply lift the flap and shoot.

The camera inside is fully secure from all angles from any scratches and dings.

5. Leica Andrea Leather Handbag

Is that a Leica in your purse?

Leica Andrea Leather Handbag
Reasons to buyCons
+ Beautiful purse
+ Zippered main compartment
+ Leica branded
+ Dedicated section inside for the camera
– None

This is not really a camera bag, this is more of a bag that has space for the C-lux. And that might be exactly what you are looking for. While the other of the best Leica C-lux accessories on this list are more or less fitted, this is a normal purse that can carry your daily essentials AND has a dedicated, padded area inside that protects your C-Lux.

That padding is removable to make more space and while this comes with it’s own straps you can easely remove them and this becomes a camera insert for your larger bag. It is convenient as it is stylish in 3 radically different design.

You can always have your smartphone tucked away in a pocket in the bag so that it is not only secure, but is also easily accessed. When not out and about you can zip the main compartment so that all of your essentials are safe and secure.

6. MegaGear Leather Camera Case

The best of the Leica C-lux accessories for those on a budget

megagear leica c lux case
Reasons to buyCons
+ Stylish
+ Belt loop
+ Comes with strap
+ Leather
– Not Leica

If you just want to carry your C-lux without breaking the bank, this is for you. This fitted accessory will only fit the C-lux snuggly and protect it completely. It is only a fraction of the price of the Leica branded accessories but the quality if of course not the same.

There’s an admittedly obnoxious Megagear logo on the leather, I should have just been the logo, but you cannot beat the price for that amount of protection and convenience. You can carry your camera around your body, or remove the strap and use the belt loop to carry around your waist.


I hope you liked this article about the best Leica C-Lux accessories. Since there’s no hotshoe, the accessories are mostly limited to carrying cases, and there’s plenty of choices. The top one is either the Leather case, the half case or the megagear case if you are on a budget. The C-lux strap is a must as this ensures you’ll never drop the camera.

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