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If you are looking for a Leica C-lux alternative, here’s the top 5 that have similar specs then Leica’s point and shoot camera, with image samples where available.

Before getting into the list of alternatives, as you can see from the Leica C-lux review, the image quality, while nice loses sharpness and is prone to chromatic aberration starting at about 200mm. So while no other camera can touch where the C-lux can go, the C-lux isn’t consistent either in the zoom range.

Leica C-lux alternatives list

AspectLeica C-lux1. Panasonic ZS2002. Sony RX100 VII3. Canon G7X III4. Leica D-Lux 75. Leica C Typ 112
Camera typePoint and shootPoint and shootPoint and shootPoint and shootCompactPoint and shoot
Sensor size1 inch1 inch1 inch1 inch4/31/1.7
Lens typeFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedFixed
Lens specs (35mm)24-360mm24-360mm24-200mm24-100mm24-75mm28-200mm
Megapixelsf/3.3-6.4f/3.3-6.4f/2.8-4.5 f1.8-2.8f1.7-2.8f2-5.9
ArticleLeica C-lux reviewLeica C-lux vs Panasonic ZS200Leica C-lux vs Sony RX100 VIILeica C-lux vs Canon G7X IIILeica C-lux vs Leica D-lux 7NA
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Now that’s we’ve looked at the list, here’s each Leica C-lux alternative in detail, their pros and cons.

1. Panasonic SZ200

The best Leica C-lux alternative is itself

panasonic zs200 camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Long zoom, same lens!
+ Much cheaper then Leica version
– Same cons: slow lens, inconsistent IQ
– Different app

Let’s get something out of the way first, if you really want a Leica C-lux but your main issue is the budget, this is the exact same camera, but the Panasonic version. The C-lux is a camera made in partnership with Panasonic and the deal is, they have their own version and Leica has theirs.

This is the exact same camera, same specs, but different app interface on your phone. This means this is a great camera with a slow zoom, and the image quality is great up to 200mm and then the image becomes a bit soft and prone to abherrations.

The good news is, this is about half the price of the Leica version so if the C-lux sounds like the camera you really wanted but can’t afford, this might be the perfect Leica C-lux alternative. C-Lux / Panasonic SZ200 Image sample:

lux [1]

leica c lux sample image 1
leica c lux sample image 2
leica c lux sample image 4

2. Sony RX100 VII

The best Leica C-lux alternative, period

sony rx100 vii camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ One of the best compact cameras, ever
+ Same sensor size
+ Fast zoom lens
+ Better for video
– Same price range
– No macro

If you are looking for a real Leica C-lux alternative, the Sony RX100 VII is the best one, by far. Everyone, everywhere crowns it the best compact camera you can get your hands on and it’s true. Now the bad news is, it is the same price range as the C-lux but while that camera feels overpriced, the RX100 VII seems like it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Sure it has no macro, but it’s a much better camera overall. Why? While it has the same sensor size, the magic is in the lens. It has a 24-200mm lens. While the C-lux can go up to 360mm, the nice image quality goes out the window beyond 200mm. But that’s not all, the Sony has an f2.8-4.5 lens, a much faster and better lens then the C-lux’s sluggish f3.3-6.4.

It also has a viewfinder built in (it’s popup) and better for video as it has a flip screen so that you can see yourself, has external microphone and a slew of video recording modes for those who want the most of their video. Image samples:

sony rx100 vii sample image 1
sony rx100 vii sample image 2
sony rx100 vii sample image 3
sony rx100 vii sample image 4
sony rx100 vii sample image 5

3. Canon G7x III

For stunning black and white portraits

canon gx7 iii camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Much cheaper
+ Great IQ
+ Really fast lens
+ Flip screen
+ Macro mode
– No viewfinder possible
– Much shorter zoom

Keeping with the same sensor size, next up as a Leica C-lux alternative is the Canon G7x III. If what you really liked about the C-lux was the viewfinder this has none, and since there is no hotshoe, there is no viewfinder option possible either. And the zoom is a much short 100mm then the C-lux’s 360mm (But once again remember that the great IQ from the C-lux is only up to 200mm).

What do you get instead? A killer fast zoom. At the telephoto end the Canon can shoot at f2.8 and at the wide angle end, it can shoot f1.8, so really fast, even faster then the Sony. So you don’t need to pull out your built-in flash when there is low light, making this much better suited for night photography.

If you are into macros, this has a just-as-good macro function for those stunning shots of the really small. To wrap it all off, this is a much cheaper camera at a fraction of the price, making it one of the most attractive Leica C-lux alternatives on this list. Canon G7X III IMage samples:

canon g7x sample image 1
canon g7x sample image 2
canon g7x sample image 3
canon g7x sample image 4

4. Leica D-Lux 7

A no compromise Leica C-lux alternative

leica d lux 7
Reasons to buyCons
+ Large sensor
+ Stunning Bokeh
+ Great zoom range
+ Great IQ
+ Rangefinder feeling
– Much larger

The Leica C-lux is a pocketable small sensor camera. If you are willing to give up the pocketable part and settle for a compact camera, the Leica D-lux 7 is unbeatable. It’s quite the camera.

It’s a large 4/3 sensor with a stunning 24-75mm f1.7-f2.8 lens. Yes it can do great out of focus shots that the C-lux simply can’t touch because it’s a small sensor. The overall feeling of the D-lux is reminiscent of the Leicas with the dials, aperture ring and viewfinder.

It’s surprisingly cheaper then the C-lux but of a much higher quality. Sure the lens cannot reach as far but the image quality, low light quality and possibility to do great Bokeh as well as macro make it a very attractive Leica C-lux alternative. Leica D-lux 7 image samples:

Leica d lux 7 portrait photography 1
Leica d lux 7 portrait photography 2
Leica d lux 7 sample image 3
Leica d lux 7 sample image 4

5. Leica C Type 112

The older Leica C-lux alternative

leica c typ 112 camera
Reasons to buyCons
+ Smaller camera
+ Viewfinder
+ Faster lens
– Can only be found used
– Smaller sensor

Before the C-lux took it’s pace the Leica point and shoot of choice was the Leica C Typ 112. Because it has a smaller 1/1.7 inch sensor vs the C-lux’s 1 inch, it is a smaller camera. That’s why it’s pretty wild that such a tiny camera has a viewfinder!

Not only that it has a little ring on the front to change the settings on the fly. It has a pretty long zoom going from 28-200mm, with pretty consistent image quality. But the feature here is the f2-f5.9 lens. Still faster then the C-lux’s f3.3-6.4. Even if the lens of the Leica Typ 112 is on the slow side in telephoto, the f2 and f2.8 of the wide angle focal lengths make this a pretty nice camera for low light situations.

Sure it’s not as big of a sensor, but it does have a powerful macro mode and a smaller size. If you want a camera just like the C-lux but with a faster zoom, this might be the Leica C-lux alternative for you. Image samples:

Leica c 112 sample image 12
Leica c 112 sample image 13
Leica c 112 sample image 11


I hope you have enjoyed this article about Leica C-lux alternatives. The Panasonic ZS200 is pretty much the exact camera without the Leica design flair or logo. The Sony RX100 VII is pretty much the king of the compact cameras so a solid Leica C-lux alternative. If you are looking for a budget option, the Canon G7x III is the best choice, while if you don’t mind getting it used and a smaller sensor, the older Leica C Typ 112 is excellent. Finally if you simply don’t mind the larger size, the Leica D-lux 7 is one of the best compact cameras you can get your hands on at a similar price.

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